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New information is available; Registration Starts now
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About Early Swimmers

As soon as your child is capable of getting around independently he will also be capable of getting into water with the risk of drowning! Therefore swimming lessons should begin as soon as possible. Very young children will not learn to swim per se but they can learn some skills to keep them SAFE. For logistic reasons the Bear-a-Cudas' Early Swimmers Program can only offer classes as of the age of five and up.

The child is taught to 'front glide', 'roll over on his/her back', 'float' and 'yell for help'. To do so, the child needs to overcome his/her fears of putting his/her face/head underwater as well as requires the skill to exhale used-air under the water and inhale new-air when above the water surface. This ability to breathe effectively not only can save lives but is the basics of learning how to swim for the rest of his life.The child will also learn other skills, for example: to glide (front and back), to jump from the side of the pool, to pick up objects from the pool floor, etc. A very young child or a child who is uneasy in the water will require more time to conquer these phases.

The next steps are more technique oriented irrelevant of the stroke chosen by the instructor (freestyle, breaststroke or backstroke) and the child will progress through every skill at his/her own pace until he/she can swim on his/her own and in good style.

Upon mastering the above the child (if he/she wishes to) will be ready to complete the first German Swimming Certification "Seepferdchen" (Sea Horse) test followed by the more advanced "Freischwimmer" Certification (Bronze, Silver, Gold). Passes and badges will be distributed upon successful completion of the testing at a cost of Euro 2,00. If you may have further questions concerning this program feel free to contact the instructors giving the courses or send an e-mail to our Registrar.

You can also read a more detailed curriculum of Early swimmers classes (what are we teaching in beginners, intermediate and advanced classes).


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