New information is available; Registration Starts now
New information is available; Registration Starts now
This website is being decommissioned. See below for more information...
This website is being decommissioned.  See below for more information...

The Early Swimmers Program

Hi everyone!


Thanks for your interest in the EARLY SWIMMERS PROGRAM of the Berlin Bear-a-cudas. This is a chance for children to learn how to swim and also for the children who are interested in becoming competetive swimmers to start competitions as soon as they are ready. We offer swim classes for beginner swimmers in English, starting from the age of 5. Your children will learn how to swim in the American style of training. Starting with the back-stroke and learning all four strokes (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle). Our coaches are able to speak both English and German.


If there are questions please contact our Registrar.



Pool Addresses: 

Hüttenweg 41 14195 Berlin

Finckensteinallee 73 12205 Berlin


Upcoming Events

Check out the news page to find out about upcoming events


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