New information is available; Registration Starts now
New information is available; Registration Starts now
This website is being decommissioned. See below for more information...
This website is being decommissioned.  See below for more information...


In order to join the swim club you need to

  1) reserve your spot with the swim club

  2) register with the JFKS Sportsclub


To reserve your spot or if you have any questions, please contact our Registrar:  

 - click here for early swimmers;

 - click here for competitive swimmers.


You will find the registration form under downloads or click here.


All registration forms need to be send as soon as possible either to JFKS Sportsclub, Teltower Damm 87/93, 14167 Berlin or hand in to Mr. Kranzosch at the entrance control at pool Hüttenweg.


Please email a copy of the registration form to our Registrar.  It does not have to be signed and could be without the IBAN number.



Pool Addresses: 

Hüttenweg 41 14195 Berlin

Finckensteinallee 73 12205 Berlin


Upcoming Events

Check out the news page to find out about upcoming events


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