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Nutrition For Swimmers

1. Eat a pasta dinner 2 nights prior to a meet.
2. Eat light food as the competition approaches.
3. No fruit for 4 hours prior to the competition (ripe bananas are an exception)
4. On the day of the competition very light healthy breakfast. (White toast is digested faster)
5. DO NOT EAT between events (½ cereal bar, lots of water, ½ ripe banana)
6. Your performance will be better on a slightly empty stomach than a full stomach.
Acids are removed at all cost and are removed at the expense of vital minerals and nutrients that the body needs. (Ex. Calcium)
As soon as the digestive system is triggered it takes blood away from the muscles.
Digestion of carbohydrates begins in the mouth. Chew longer to expedite the digestive process. Cooked oatmeal and cream of wheat are ideal breakfast foods. They are full of nutrition and easy on the digestive system.
More serious athletes choose whole grain breads.
Vegetables are a must. Fresh are best and far larger quantities than the carbohydrates.
30% – 40% of your diet should be protein. This helps your body to build & repair tissue. (Fish, poultry – turkey & chicken, and beef) Avoid pork.
Work in 2 or 3 breaks per meet and use this time for gentle exercising. Before each of your events take a few minutes to focus on your next technique.
o Whole grain breads
o Cereals (oatmeal, cream of wheat, NOT THE SUGARY ONES)
o Baked, boiled, or mashed potatoes
o Brown rice
• AVOID REFINED GRAINS (Acid producing)
o Sweet flour
o White flour
o White flour pasta

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