New information is available; Registration Starts now
New information is available; Registration Starts now
This website is being decommissioned. See below for more information...
This website is being decommissioned.  See below for more information...


Swim Caps

The new swims caps are available now. The blue swim cap is the Bear-a-cudas team cap. The white one is the swim cap for the German meets (since the team swims in German meets officially as member of the JFKS Sportsclub). Each cap costs 5 Euros.

Please contact: if you'd like to buy a cap.

If you would like the blue team pants or the blue team hoodie-sweatshirt please write us an E-mail . We have limited stock and plan to place orders.

Bank account:


SC John-F.-Kennedy Schule

Kontonummer: 254010200

Commerzbank Berlin

BLZ 10040000

Pool Addresses: 

Hüttenweg 41 14195 Berlin

Finckensteinallee 73 12205 Berlin


Upcoming Events

Check out the news page to find out about upcoming events


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