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Our Coaches

Coach Swim Team 1

Philipp Langhaeuser
Philipp joined the Bear-a-cudas when he was 10 and swam with the team until 2015. Like many of our swimmers, he lived abroad and gained experience swimming with other teams. Today he is our C-licensed head coach. He hopes to spark our athletes’ ambition to continuously improve, so they will always enjoy their time in the water. Philipp lays great value on efficient technique, in order to master this demanding sport. Philipp is a JFKS alumni and currently studies law at the Freie Universität Berlin.

Coach Swim Team ||

Doman Nemes
Coach Doman is the new Pre-Team Coach from Hungary. He received his B.Sc. degree in sport education and swim coaching from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences of Semmelweis University in 2009 in Budapest. He completed an internship program at the Hungarian National Swim Team in 2009.  For four years he teached and coached children with Tamás Darnyi, the Hungarian four-time Olympic Champion in medley events. Doman is living in Berlin since 2012; he has a Silver Lifeguard License and has completed the official B Swim Licence in Competitive Swimming.

Coach Swim Pre-Team

Regina Sendjuk
Regina received her diploma as a sports scientist at the University of Potsdam.
Many years of experience as a personal trainer she focuses on the correct execution of movements to prevent injury and to improve in the race.
She was a former competitive middle distance runner and an alumni of JFKS.
She has her silver lifeguard license and loves to help our youngest swimmers to move through the water efficiently.

Early Swimmers Coaches

Diane Eberhardt

Coach Diane has been a Bear-a-Cudas coach for 8 years, and taught both adults and children to swim for many more years in the pools and lakes of her native Wisconsin. She has a Red Cross Swim Teaching Certificate and a BA degree in Eduction from the University of Wisconsin.  In addition, she was a former competitive swimmer and competed in water ballet.  Coach Diane always focuses on technique, and with her current group that she teaches, she also works on strength and endurance.  She swims laps to stay fit.

Pool Addresses: 

Hüttenweg 41 14195 Berlin

Finckensteinallee 73 12205 Berlin


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