• IMPORTANT - Only NEW members register via the registration tab.
    • If you are a returning member please use your login credentials and re-register via the My Space tab.
    • This class list below is only provided as an indication. It does not necessarily guarantee that a class place is available because multiple people can apply at the same time and existing members are given priority.
    • As each registration is being processed, the status might change. Hence a class not available today might have a free spot later on.
    • Brief explanation of the different classifications:
      • Confirmed are those registrations where the registration form has been signed and returned.
      • Approved are those waiting for the registration form to be returned.
      • Pending are those who have been offered a place but have not yet accepted.
      • New are those registrations which have not yet been processed.
      • Waiting are registrations on the waiting list.  They will be considered only if a free spot opens up.

Training Schedule

List capacity, number of applicants, ... per class: