• This list is only given as an indication. It does not necessary guarantee that a class is free because multiple people can apply at the same time.
  • As each application is being processed, the status might change. Hence a class not available today might have a free spot later on.
  • The ones confirmed are those applications where the registration form has been returned.

Introduction to the registration process

Please read carefully as this contains important information about how we attempt to  make the registration process fair and transparent to everyone.

First, please note that registering online, on paper, via phone or by email won't necessarily grant a spot.  The following rules to attribute vacant spots will be applied:

1)      Priority will be given to current members; therefore any registration arriving before 08/21/17 will be served first.

2)      After that date, registration will be given on a first come, first served basis until all spots are filled;

3)      For new members, it is possible that a trial is necessary to participate in the class;  we will communicate the date and time of said trial in due time;

4)      To answer questions about any classes, please first read the available online information; then if there is  need for additional information, feel free to contact us;

5)      Note that until we are ready to process the registration we might not respond to email immediately; we are an all-volunteer run association with other obligations; so please be patient!

Once the online registration is completed, you will receive a confirmation email.  We will start processing the registrations on the 08/01/17.  Until then you might not hear back from us, but it does not mean that we have forgotten about you.

The online registration has multiple parts:

·         Swimmer information

·         Parent or guardian information

We will keep this information on our secure website until registration has been processed.

Once your registration has been approved, we will email you with a link containing the information entered above.  This document will have to be signed and given to the coach in  the first week of training.  Failing to do so may result in attributing your spot to another family.

Payments are taken care by the J.F.K Sport-Club.  You will be advised of any actions by email prior to the payment operation.


To proceed with the registration, please move the mouse to "Registration" Menu above and click on "Register Now".