We offer the opportunity for children to learn how to swim and also for young swimmers who are interested in becoming competitive swimmers to start competitions as soon as they are ready. We offer learn-to -swim classes in English and German, starting from the age of 5. Your children will learn how to swim in the American style of training. Starting with the back-stroke and learning all four strokes (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle). Our coaches are able to speak both English and German.

Ein Angebot des Schwimmclubs Berlin Bear-a-Cudas für Senioren.

Unsere Trainerin: Jens Melch.

Dienstag14:45-15:30 (Schwimmhalle Hüttenweg)

What to bring? For your swimmer, bring Swimmers ID (you will receive this from us before the beginning of classes) large towel, swim trunks - swimsuit, shower shoes, shampoo, no floaties. If you are swimming at Finkensteinalle, you need to bring your own lock for the changing room lockers.