The European Forces Swim League (EFSL) was formed in the summer of 1975 as an outgrowth of U.S. and Allied Armed Forces community sponsored swim teams. The League was created in response to a recognized need to provide an organized competitive swimming program for the youth of military and civilian members stationed in Europe.  The EFSL is not intended to be competitive with, or draw participants from the local, regional or national European competitive swimming programs. 

The original teams of the EFSL were Berlin, Heidelberg, Lahr, Mannheim, Stuttgart and SHAPE of which Berlin, SHAPE and Stuttgart remain active. Since then the League has steadily increased in membership to 18 teams located in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain, England and The Netherlands. American and NATO communities are represented. 

The latest rulebook is available for download. Please take a moment to review it for any changes.

Whether you are a certified judge or shadowing it is recommended to have this book handy during meets.  One way is to save it to your smartphone if you have one.

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